Global Partners Mike & Bee Arter Serving (Thailand) Southeast Asia

Family Bio:

Mike has been serving as a Foursquare Missionary to Thailand since 2006. He is a graduate of Life Pacific University. Mike and Bee have three wonderful children two daughters and a son.

The Arters reach many children and young people through our learning outreach center as well as teaching in the local schools. They are reaching out to Burmese widows and families that have come from Myanmar (Burma) seeking refuge. Many come to Maesot hoping to live in safety, but struggle to survive. We help provide housing, food, and clothes to those in need with the ultimate goal of seeing them come to have a personal relationship with Jesus, Mike and Bee oversee the Grace House ministry a safe house for girls at high risk of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Most of the girls are from homes where the mothers have committed suicide or the fathers are on drugs and some are left to be raised by their grandparents who are gone to the city to sell vegetables for days at a time. Human trafficking is rampant in the hill tribes as there is no one to protect the children. With millions affected by what is currently taking place around the world we humbly ask for your prayers and financial support to continue to provide a safe place for these precious girls. Mike and Bee also reach out to the community through their learning outreach center where they reach more than 140 children and their families with the gospel through teaching English conversation. Please consider partnering with us as we reach out to these children and their families. We are praying and believing that we will see many people come to have a personal relationship with Jesus!

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