Cru High School-A High School and Middle School Ministry

Olivia-Holden-Update serves Cru High School Ministry in Chattanooga, TN working closely with students from Hixson High School not far from her hometown of Soddy Daisy where she first encountered Cru with her HS Volleyball Team.

Cru is a high school and middle school ministry, formerly named Student Venture, and is part of Cru/Campus Crusade for Christ International. They are a national organization with locally based teams.

Cru’s high school ministry is all about connecting teenagers to Jesus Christ!

Not only do teenagers represent the future leaders and parents of our nation and world, but they are also a major influence in today’s society, both for good and bad. Teenage students also represent the most responsive age group to the gospel, as over 80 percent of those who receive Christ do so by age 18.

Imagine a spiritual movement of teenagers living out a contagious faith in Christ at every school. Every person in a community would have the opportunity to hear the good news of Christ before graduating from high school.

If you would like to support Olivia in her ministry, or if you would like to have her share her testimony with your youth group, or high school student(s), she can be contacted directly at .

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