Ministry in Transition 2F5L

as of April 2022 the Merriweathers have relocated just north of Chattanooga, to Cookevillee, TN. Please continue to praay for this wonderful couple as Javoris is now serving our Country in the Army. While they have relocaated, this couple will continue serving the Lord with their family and friends up north.

2F5L is a ministry founded on the principles of Scripture found in John 6:1-14 where the boy gave all he had to feed the people and Jesus blessed it and distributed it to the hungry.

Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand

2F5L was founded in 2015 by Javoris and Dee Merriweather , who have a heart to minister to the lost and broken through meeting tangible needs (now in Cookeville). Feeding both physical and spiritual needs is still their Vision and Mission.

Our Kingdom partnership with this ministry over the last several years was a true blessing.

Meet some of our volunteers.

Javoris and Dee Merriweather