On Sept. 4th, while on our way to Texas I received a call from a pastor in Chattanooga who felt the Lord directing him to share a Prophetic word from God for “all those who are called [His] Children”. After a time of prayer over this word I felt it to be one the children of God, His Body, should not only hear, but heed.

Diversity Movement, against all division in the church, the Body of Christ and every area of society that a believer is called a believer, for there is no other way with God in working in and with His children. Diversity, or nothing at all, and all those that call themselves Christians, or my children, will be exposed. I will give a short time of repentance for some, but those who have been operating in racism, division, or any injustice that does not give glory to me and my Son Jesus, will be dealt with swiftly, Thus says the Spirit of the Lord.”
In The Masters Service, Brian L. Morgan

Family, words like this, no matter who they come through, are to be heeded. God is speaking to His Bride, those who have eyes to see and ears to hear to pay attention. Now is the time for His Bride to shine forth for all to see and give glory to God, for He is worthy of all praise and honor.

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Jason Maloney

Hi, my name is Jason Maloney, I have commited my life to serve my Savior as a husband, father, pastor, friend and co-laborer with Christ in all He has for me to accomplish for His Kingdom.

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